Katie Rae

Discovering Katie Rae is the reason I love Instagram. 

Social Media’s affect is directly related to the way you use it. I use it to discover and be inspired by amazing people I otherwise wouldn’t know about. 

The result, in this case, was discovering an incredibly talented ocean photographer from a small fishing town in the UK. 

Looking through Katie’s imagery just makes me happy. Her use of light, tone and negative space transports you to a mindset of the simple joy of life.

It’s one thing to take a photograph, but it’s another to create a feeling through an image.

It’s becoming a common theme in these interviews that overseas photographers seem to love Australia and Katie is no different. 

Choosing a trip to Aus over starting University is what ultimately became the catalyst for her love of both photography and the ocean to combine.

On her website she states “I find beauty in the simplest forms” and this is abundantly evident in her photography.

So please take some time out of your busy day to relax and find your calm through Katie’s refreshingly simple and beautiful view of the world.

And be sure to follow her work on Instagram and check out her website, both linked at the bottom of the page

ocean joy

ocean joy


Leigh-on-sea, a small fishing town on the south East Coast UK

light changes everything

light changes everything

Has photography always been the plan or what got you into it?

In a way, yes. I went through a couple of Sony compact cameras from the age of 8. I was obsessed with taking pictures everywhere I went. Nothing artistic, just for fun! I have such a vivid memory at age 11 on Christmas morning unwrapping a square box. Peeling away the paper and seeing the word ‘Canon’ My first DSLR, I may have shed a tear. I treated it like a precious stone. I was so proud, walking around with it haha. I knew from a young age I always wanted to take photos. 

At school I struggled so much with academics, I was always daydreaming. I chose to do photography for my art option, putting all my efforts into it. 

After school I went to college to study it as a Foundation Degree. I never really felt fulfilled So I skipped on Uni and went to Australia for a year. My love of the ocean engulfed my mind and put two and two together. I was hooked!

it’s the simple things that many overlook

it’s the simple things that many overlook

When I browse your images, I see a very artistic take on ocean imagery and get a feeling of the simplicity and joy of life. Can you discuss your approach and how it came about? 

Oh thank you! I find beauty in the simplest forms. I’ve always been fascinated by water & light, they way it changes and creates an abstract feel. 

water and light

water and light

Being in the UK, there’s a lot of countries nearby. Do you get to travel much to shoot?

Not as much as I’d like to! I’ve been fortunate to go to a couple of great places to shoot being the west coast - Portugal and Biarritz.  

Do you plan and envision specific shots you want to take or are you more adapting your own style to the conditions that are presented?

I don’t think I’ve ever planed to get a specific ocean shot. Though saying that, I try and be a little abstract and minimalist.  

negative space, positive vibes

negative space, positive vibes

Do you have any bucket list locations you haven’t been to yet to shoot surf?

Yes! Sooo many. Norway, Tahiti, northern Spain, Andaman Islands, Himalayas, Patagonia… oh so many more. 

I noticed you made some cool little films from an India trip? Is video something you want to explore more?

Ah you saw that! I loved making that film. I love making short films, but more as a fun thing to do. I love music and matching it with moments. Spotify is the one thing I’m really happy to pay £10 a month for haha. 

finding beauty in simple forms

finding beauty in simple forms

Are there any photographers you are inspired by and if so could you share a couple?

I’m a big fan of Woody G! Also Ray Collin’s work is something else. I was lucky enough to meet him when I was in Australia, he’s’ such a lovely guy.

Do you have any specific photography plans over the next 12 months?

I’m hoping to go to Sri Lanka in February, but we shall see!



What’s one piece of advice you could offer to any aspiring surf or wave photographers?

Stay true to yourself! Keep chasing what makes you feel good and all will come naturally.

Dive into Katie’s world further here

Instagram: katiearaephoto

Website: https://www.katieraephoto.com/



slow down

slow down